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Date: 14th October 2016
Electric Hoisting Crane
The suitable lifting weight is 1-32t and suitable span 7.5-31.5 meters, the working environment temperature in the range of 25 + 40 ?C. This product is regular crane, widely used in using low frequency or fewer rated lifting places such as mechanical manufacture, assembly, warehouse and son on.?Advantage: It has better stability when using, make full use of the higher headroom of workshop to reach effective lifting height, and the key is affordable.?LH type electric hoisting crane is designed according to standard JB/T3695-1994,used CD1, MD1 electric hoist, double-girder bridge crane with hoist traveled in orbit paved by main girder.The crane is equipped with the ground, control room and remote control, control room has two forms included end and side opened door, for users to choose to use.Product specificationControl method?Ground controlLifting weight: 3t, span: 10.5m, lifting height: 6m, work level: A3Description: LH516.5KSA3Control room (Separate control room KS and closed control room BS)Lifting weight: 5t, span: 16.5m, lifting height: 6m, work level: A3, Separate control room KSDescription:?LH516.56KSA3Remote controlLifting weight: 10t, span: 13.5m, lifting height: 6m, work level: A3Description:?LH1013.56YA3